Full Technical Papers

Initiating Interactions and Negotiating Approach: A Robotic Trash Can in the Field – Kerstin Fischer, Stephen Yang, Brian Mok, Rohan Maheshwari, David Sirkin and Wendy Ju

When Words Fail: Collaborative Gestures During Clarification Dialogues – Patrick Healey, Nicola Plant, Christine Howes and Mary Lavelle

The Power of a Glance: Evaluating Embodiment and Turn-Tracking Strategies of an Active Robotic Overhearer – Spyros Kousidis and David Schlangen

Towards a Computational Model of Small Group Facilitation – Yoichi Matsuyama and Tetsunori Kobayashi

Entrainment and Turn-Taking in Human-Human Dialogue – Rivka Levitan, Stefan Benus, Agustin Gravano and Julia Hirschberg

Toward Natural Turn-Taking in a Virtual Human Negotiation Agent – David Devault, Johnathan Mell and Jonathan Gratch

Can Overhearers Predict Who Will Speak Next? – Peter Heeman and Rebecca Lunsford

Every Tool in Its Place: Interaction and Collaboration with Robotic Drawers – Brian Mok, Stephen Yang, David Sirkin and Wendy Ju

Modelling Turn-Taking in Human Conversations – Nishitha Guntakandla and Rodney Nielsen

Short Position Papers

On the Granularity of Dialog Strategies: Insights from Large-scale Analyses of Two Commercial Travel Information Spoken Dialog Systems – Zengtao Jiao, Zhuoran Wang, Guanchun Wang, Hao Tian, Hua Wu and Haifeng Wang

Signalizing and Predicting Turn-Taking in Multilingual Contexts – Christina Alexandris

Ten Challenges in Highly-Interactive Dialog Systems – Nigel Ward and David Devault

Visualizing Multimodal Interaction – Péter Pál Boda and Akos Vetek

What’s the Game and Who’s Got the Ball? Genre in Conversation – Emer Gilmartin, Francesca Bonin, Loredana Cerrato, Carl Vogel and Nick Campbell

The Sound Makes the Greeting: Interpersonal Functions of Intonation in Human-Robot Interaction – Maria Aarestrup, Lars Jensen and Kerstin Fischer

Mole Madness – a Multi-Child, Fast-Paced, Speech-Controlled Game – Jill Fain Lehman and Samer Al Moubayed

Enhanced End-of-Turn Detection for Speech to a Personal Assistant – Harish Arsikere, Elizabeth Shriberg and Umut Ozertem

TickTock: Engagement Awareness in a non-Goal-Oriented Multimodal Dialogue System – Zhou Yu, Alexandros Papangelis and Alex Rudnicky

The SRI BioFrustration Corpus: Audio, Video, and Physiological Signals for Continuous User Modeling – Andreas Kathol and Elizabeth Shriberg

Estimating User’s Attitude in Multimodal Conversational System for Elderly People with Dementia – Naoko Saito, Shogo Okada, Katshmi Nitta, Yukiko Nakano and Yuki Hayashi

Turn-Taking and Coordination in Commander-Robot Navigator Dialog – Taylor Cassidy, Clare Voss and Douglas Summers-Stay

Video Demonstration of a Robotic Assistant Interpreting Multimodal Expressions – Miles Eldon, David Whitney and Stefanie Tellex