Read about Sean Andrist and the lab in the press! Sean’s recently published work on gaze aversion (HRI) has been featured in three different media sources in the past month.

NewScientist magazine (UK) was first to write about his work in an article entitled “The Robot Tricks to Bridge the Uncanny Valley”. The article features his research as one of many efforts around the world to make robot’s motions more human-like and natural.

His research has also captured the interest of local sources, including the student-run Badger Herald newspaper in the article “UW Student Researches Ways to Make Robots More Human”, which gives an exciting report of the power of gaze aversion in human-robot communication.

Sean’s work was most recently published in Popular Science magazine, with an article entitled “Robots Seem More Thoughtful If They Glance Away While They Talk”, another exciting account of the role of gaze aversion. Click on the links to read more.

Congrats Sean!