Thank you to everyone who attended National Robots Week last Friday! The lab had the pleasure of welcoming over fifty guests throughout the afternoon, who were given an exciting glimpse at the latest robotics research through fun tasks and activities.

Kids were given a “passport challenge” upon arriving, which involved completing four activities to earn a robot sticker. The stations at the event included ordering sushi from a robot, playing guessing games and Simon-Says with the NAO robot, and guiding the telepresence robot through a maze.

Read more about this through UW-Madison news! The article, titled “Bridging the Uncanny Valley Between Robots, Humans,” provides the highlights of the event and features lab members Chien-Ming Huang and Irene Rae, whose respective research with the Nao and telepresence robots are making this kind of interaction more natural and comfortable. As Chien-Ming says in the article, “If a robot can behave ‘human-like,’ then people don’t have to learn a new way to interact.”