Presentation template

Students should use the class presentation template to prepare their presentations. [Powerpoint] [Keynote]

Processbook template

A processbook template for projects can be found here (Microsoft Word .docx). An example processbook that uses the previous web-based template can be found here.

Hirsch Award

We will vote on the outcomes of the first project and submit the highest ranking three projects to the Hirsch Family Award.

College Library Resources

The College Library has many resources that will help students and teams with their coursework, assignments, and projects. Students are advised to make the most of these resources.

Online Course on Visual Design

Students are encouraged to attend and complete the Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative Free Course on Visual Communication Design.

Reading on Team Communication

Project teams are encouraged to read the following literature on team communication (accessible only on campus or off-campus using the university VPN system).

Readings on Brainstorming

Linda Tischler’s seven secrets to good brainstorming and six surefire ways to kill a brainstorm.