Project 3

by allie on April 27, 2012

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The following are the requirements for your video for project 3:

  • At least 3 minutes long (no more than 5, the length of a presentation)
  • Any combination of still shots, live video, and voiceovers.
  • Must show at least 3 features of your system. Your video should walk users through each of these features and how they are used.
  • You should not motivate your project in the video (things like “we did this project to solve X problem”). Do that before presenting the video in class. If you remember the concept videos we’ve watched, they simply present the system and its features
  • You video will be graded for originality of your concept, the thoroughness in presenting it (did you cover all 3 of your features well enough for someone to understand it?), and overall quality of your video.

If possible, please submit videos in either AVI or MP4 (check with me about other video formats). We’ll be using the dreaded “pass the external hard drive around” system on the Friday the project is due.

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