All assignments are due the midnight before their due dates. The students should use the assignment template for write-ups and email their assignments to

Assignment 0 — Due 9/15

The zeroth assignment will involve completing the Human Subjects Protection Training. The assignment will involve the “UW Social & Behavioral Course, Basic Course.” After completing the training, students should print the completion certificate for the course and e-mail them to

Assignment 1 — Due 9/29

The first assignment will involve drafting an IRB application review for your your project. Below are links and mateirals that will help you prepare your assignment. The sample application package is accessible only on the campus network or off-campus using the university VPN system.

The assignment involves drafting the information in the application form and creating and submitting a consent form, a recruitment ad, and a sample questionnaire. You can use the questionnaire provided in the sample package for the draft application. Please do not submit your application. We will be submitting it after I review your draft applications.

Assignment 2 — Due 10/18

The second assignment involves designing an experiment following the step-by-step experimental design described in the assignment handout.

Assignment 3 — Due 11/01

The third assignment involves constructing scales. The assignment handout provides step-by-step description of how to complete the assignment.

Assignment 4 — Due 11/23

The fourth assignment will involve conducting statistical analyses of the data that you collected in your previous assignment. The assignment handout will provide step-by-step instructions on completing the assignment.

Assignment 5 — Due 12/12

The fifth assignment includes two parts: (1) Ethnographic Data Collection and (2) Grounded Theory Analysis. The details of the assignment are provided int he assignment handout. Please watch the video on ethnographic interviews before you start your assignment.