Congratulations to CHI, HRI, and NIPS authors!

The HCI Lab had a great Fall with a total of 6 full papers and 1 extended abstract accepted to CHI, HRI, and NIPS—3 papers accepted to CHI 2012 (23%), 2 papers accepted to HRI 2012 (25%), 1 paper accepted to NIPS 2011 (22%), and 1 extended abstract accepted to CHI 2012 Doctoral Consortium (23%).

CHI 2012 Authors: Szafir, Andrist, Pejsa, Rae
HRI 2012 Authors: Huang, Chidambaram, Chiang
NIPS 2011 Authors: Khan
CHI 2012 DC Authors: Huang

Many thanks for our collaborators Michael Gleicher, Leila Takayama, and Jerry Zhu.