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We study human-computer interaction. UW Science Narratives tells our lab’s story in a series titled “Birth of the Bots.”

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Our mission is to build human-centered principles and methods for designing robotic technologies.  We specialize in Human-Robot CollaborationRobot-Mediated CommunicationCollaborative and Autonomous Driving Systems, and Designing Robot Peers for Children.

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Educational and Public Outreach Events

We regularly hold educational workshops and events open to the public and care about getting the community involved in our work. Take a look at what we’ve done in the past!

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HCI Research in 3 Minutes

HCI Lab member Sean Andrist wins the three-minute thesis competition organized by the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. Watch his TED-talk-style talk...

CHI 2015 Best Paper Award

Allison Sauppé’s ethnographic study of how people interact with and perceive a collaborative factory robot wins a CHI Best Paper award. The study reveals that, despite the highly task-driven environment of factories, co-workers of the robot perceived it to be a...

Presentations at RSS 2015

Allison Sauppé and Chien-Ming Huang will be attending the Robotics: Science and Systems conference (RSS) at the University of California-Berkeley campus. The conference, which takes place July 12-16, will feature research conducted on all aspects of robotic modeling,...

Robotic Telepresence Research in the News

Recently the Boston Globe interviewed lab director Bilge Mutlu and researcher Irene Rae about the future of telepresence robots in everyday life. The author of the article, Leon Neyfakh, attended the Human-Computer Interaction conference in Toronto (CHI) using a...

Presentations CHI 2014

Congratulations to Irene Rae and Allison Sauppé! Irene and Allison are currently in Toronto, Canada for this year’s Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) conference. CHI hosts and publishes research from around the world on human-computer interaction. Learn more...

National Robots Week a success!

Thank you to everyone who attended National Robots Week last Friday! The lab had the pleasure of welcoming over fifty guests throughout the afternoon, who were given an exciting glimpse at the latest robotics research through fun tasks and activities. Kids were given...